Graduated Ph.D. students:

  1. Nicholas Mast, 2020 (currently at Ball Aerospace)

Thesis title: "Cryogenic Detector Development for SuperCDMS"

    2. Hannah Rogers, 2018 (currently faculty at St. Catherine University)

Thesis Title: “Effective Field Theory Analysis and Active Neutron Veto Design for the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search”

    3. Patrick Meyers, 2018 (currently postdoc at University of Melbourne)

Thesis title: “Cross-correlation searches for persistent gravitational waves with Advanced LIGO and noise studies for current and future ground-based gravitational-wave detectors”

    4. Allison Kennedy, 2017 (currently working at Intel).

Thesis Title: “SuperCDMS Prototype Detector Design and Testing”

    5. Tanner Prestegard, 2016 (currently in the IT industry).

Thesis Title: “Unmodeled searches for long-lasting gravitational-wave signals with LIGO and studies of underground seismic noise for future gravitational-wave detectors”

    6. Jianjie Zhang, 2014 (currently at Argonne National Lab)

Thesis Title: “A Dark Matter Search Using the Final CDMS-II Data and 100 mm SuperCDMS Ge Detector Ionization Test”

    7. Shivaraj Kandhasamy, 2013 (currently faculty at IIUCA)

Thesis Title: “Searches for stochastic gravitational waves and long gravitational wave transients in LIGO S5 data”

    8. Serkay Olmez, 2012 (currently at Seagate)

Thesis Title: “Gravitational Waves from Kinks and Cusps on Cosmic Strings”

Current Graduate Students:

  1. Sharan Banagiri 
  2. Alexander Criswell
  3. Erik Floden
  4. Gwendolyn Koop
  5. Kiet Pham 
  6. Rich Ormiston
  7. Kate (Ziyan) Yang


  1. Hassan Chagani (2010-2015).
  2. Saleem Cholayil (2020-present).
  3. Gwynne Crowder (2012-2016), currently a faculty member at Bellevue College.
  4. Matthew Fritts (Feb-June 2011, March 2015-present).
  5. Jan Harms (2009-2010), currently faculty at the Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy.
  6. Andrew Matas (2016-2018), currently a postdoc at the Albert Einstein Institute in Golm, Germany.
  7. Eric Thrane (2009-2012), currently a faculty member at the Monash University.